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What can a professional logo do for your business?

  • A logo can differentiate you from the competition.
  • Memorable logos help you get recognized more easily.
  • Logos promote brand loyalty.
  • Unique logos draw in prospective customers.

The Science of Logo Design

Why get Experts Involved in Your Logo Design?

Deciding on a logo is like picking your own name – harder than you think. Many design aspects play into the effectiveness and memorability of a logo. Just because a design is good-looking doesn’t mean it will convey intended messages like reliability, power, nature, family, or professionalism.


If a logo isn't easily identifiable, it’s not doing its job. You want customers to recognize your logo without even having to read the company’s name. An ideal logo design is industry relevant, simple, and evokes the appropriate emotions. We incorporate minimalist logo design for most of our clients because it makes logos more memorable and pleasant. A logo design agency like us will ensure an eye-catching, memorable logo!

Our Logo Design Services

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Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos consist of the company name or a specific word rendered in a unique and stylized font. These logos rely on typography to create a distinctive and memorable brand identity.  Suitable for businesses with a short and memorable name, or when the company wants to emphasize the textual aspect of their brand.

Iconic/Symbolic Logos

Iconic or symbolic logos use a recognizable and unique symbol or icon to represent the brand. The symbol is often abstract and can convey the essence of the brand without the need for accompanying text.

Ideal for brands aiming for a strong visual identity that can be easily recognized even without the company name. Effective for global recognition.

Mascot Logos

Mascot logos feature a character or figure as the central element, representing the brand's personality and values. These logos are often friendly, approachable, and can create a strong emotional connection with the audience.

Popular among sports teams, food brands, and businesses targeting a specific demographic. Mascots add a human or relatable touch to the brand.

Combination Mark Logos

Combination mark logos integrate both text and a symbol/icon, providing flexibility in how the brand is represented. The text and symbol can be used together or separately, offering versatility in different marketing contexts.

Suitable for brands that want a balanced approach, leveraging both a distinctive symbol and a memorable company name.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos use non-representational shapes, forms, and colors to create a unique and artistic representation of the brand. These logos often evoke emotions and allow for creative interpretation.

Ideal for companies that want a modern and artistic identity. Abstract logos can be versatile and work well across various mediums, providing a sense of innovation.

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Why Choose BrandsBe as your Logo Design Agency?

  • We understand the psychology of logo design
  • We can provide logo variations adjustments
  • We know what works and what doesn't
  • We can portray company values with simple imagery
  • Our logos are not only visually striking but also scalable and versatile

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